Buying or Selling a House:

The more prepared you are, the more options you'll have.  Together as a team, we will optimize your position and be a competitive force in today's market.

Helpful Options and Tips
Selling your home If you are thinking of selling your home, the sweet spot is after the Super Bowl and right up to Labor Day. With inventory so low, it is definitely a sellers’ market where you can expect top dollar for your home. If you are looking to buy at the same time as you are selling, I would recommend this course of action: Market your house first, get it under contract to purchase, and have your agent specify a 60 day closing. This will allow you reasonable time to find your new home and not force you into making the purchase of your new home contingent on the selling of your old home. This can put you in a far weaker position on your new home, and sellers tend to look at this as a weaker offer if two offers are very similar. It can also save you a lot of money as you are not forced to take a lesser offer on your home and have to offer a premium on the new home to strengthen your position.
Buying your new home With the inventory levels so low the market is going to be competitive, similar to what happened at the start of 2013 through August of last year. This means that the houses that come on the market, that are well priced and move in ready, will be the focus of multiple buyers and potentially multiple offer situations as we saw last year. How to be ready for this? Be prepared to go see houses as soon as they come on the market, Steve Bozick of Landover Mortgage recommends an in depth pre-approval so you can move rapidly, and be prepared to have an escalator clause built into your offer. Escalators are designed to automatically counter other offers against the house in increments and up to a maximum price that you specify.
You can rely on my expertise to help you whether it be in listing your home or finding a new one.